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  1. 1) A Unit of FSO is Placed in a tray filled with petrol.
  2. 2) Petrol is ignited.
  1. 3) Huge Fire Starts In the Tray.
  2. 4) Within 4-8 seconds a unit of FSO Bursts.
  1. 5) Fire is extinguished immediately.


  • It consists of a synthetic container filled with a very high quality bio-degradable water based fire extinguishing fluid / Dry Chemical Powder that is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment and is ozone friendly.
  • A tube is fitted to the chamber filled with an activating agent attached to a quick burning fuse which is wrapped around the chamber in such as fashion that it covers maximum area.
  • As soon as the fuse comes into contact with fire, the chamber splits open with an alarming sound.
  • For a couple of seconds all oxygen in and around the base of the fire is removed, as a result of which the fire is fought immediately
  • The fire extinguishing fluid that has been transformed into steam drops the temperature immediately, while the special substance forms a blanket over the base of fire not allowing the fire to reignite.
  • This entire process happens in seconds.
  • The synthetic remains can be collected easily and fully recycled.
  • It is built to be fast, powerful and totally reliable and is designed to work even on the last day of its shelf life.


  • It is self-activating easy to use small and lightweight immediate action on contact with fire for fires inside and outside.
  • It is designed to be used automatically as well as manually.
  • It is safe to use on all types of fires and is electrically non conductive.
  • Its installation is very simple as there is absolutely no wiring and ducting involved and neither you have to spend on construction or demolition, all you have to do is place it in risky areas which are more prone to catch fire.
  • It can be used in a large variety of situations, both in manual and automatic modes, like fires in homes, offices, shops, multiplexes, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, temples, aravans, garages, workshops, automobiles, boats and ships, as well as cattle and storage sheds, petrol pumps, warehouses, factories and forest fires.
  • As the product is self-activating, it is very suitable for immediately fighting fires which start in unguarded areas.
  • It can be used passively by mounting it at strategic points around your premises stay on alert 24/7 and deploys automatically within seconds whenever a fire starts to ensure that a fire is fought before a spark becomes a flame.
  • It can also be used actively by manually rolling or throwing this product in the heart of fire when it occurs.

About Us

FSO APFE is the series of next generation of fire prevention apparatus which is light in weight, compact in size and extremely easy to use.

FSO starts working at lightning speed when it comes in contact with fire, extinguishing the fire before it can grow and not allowing it to reignite. Cost effective pricing makes it possible for everybody to protect themselves and their possessions from one of the worst fears the world has ever known..

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